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One bite at a time.

Yes, it really has been almost exactly a year since Chuck and I made a trip to Waco together, and started talking about moving here. And it’s been seven months since we arrived. For about that long I’ve been saying “I really need to write a blog update” and the more I put it off, the harder it became to write. How was I going to capture everything that’s happened in a blog post that wasn’t excruciatingly long?

I attended a webinar last night on digital tools for artists – websites, blogs, enewsletters – and I had the epiphany that I just needed to start, and write a little at a time. I’ll try to tag everything well so that you can just read the ones you’re actually interested in. I’m planning on making it sort of a “what I did today” journal + background, and that ought to hit everything eventually.

Here goes.

What I did today was meet with the chairman of the visual art department at Baylor, and talk with administrators at the Film and Digital Media department (which runs the Baylor in NY program that I worked with for my last five years in NYC).

I’m putting together some free workshops for arts students, kind of an introduction to arts entrepreneurship. I’m hoping there will be enough interest to offer a class in the fall. This is one of the things that brought me to Waco, and that I’m most passionate about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told working artists about my interest in entrepreneurship training and they’ve replied, “Wow, I really could have used something like that.”

So I’m hoping to get the students here a good start in their careers.

I also had a phone interview with a student writer for the Baylor newspaper, the Lariat, about a Master Class on “Filmmaking as an Artist-Entrepreneur” that I’m teaching on Sunday as part of the new Deep in the Heart Film Festival.

Samuel Thomas and Louis Hunter

The Festival is a YUUUGE deal for Waco. I’m really proud of Samuel Thomas and Louis Hunter, the founders of the festival. They had a great idea and taught themselves what they needed to know to fulfill it. Classic arts entrepreneurs.

Then I spent a lot of time working on a flyer for the Baylor workshops, and starting to get content here on the website for both the Baylor and Film Festival workshops. If they’re done, you’ll see pages about them under the “Projects” toolbar button.

I also posted some arts-related stuff on Facebook. I use Facebook as a filing cabinet for articles I may want to go back to. I know, that’s what Pinterest and Evernote are supposed to be for – both of which I have and use, but not like I do Facebook, which kills two birds with one stone. It lets me tell you something important 🙂 and it helps me keep up with the info. So anytime you want to know what I’m thinking about, scroll through my Timeline. Some friends have chastised me for not posting more “fun” and personal things. Text me if you want a picture of what my cat is doing.

Okay, I’ll write some more tomorrow. This is a whole lot easier than writing 700-word “articles” like I used to do when I wrote blogs.