Intro to the 10 Questions

This is a very rough first draft of what may end up being part of the Preface to the book I’m working on, 10 Questions Young Artists Ask (or should) About a Career in the Arts. The title of the book might change, although I can’t begin at this point to think of what else to call it. That’s just what it is.

The Preface addresses high school and college students, and their parents, for whom the book is designed. I’m currently collecting responses to the questions from working artists, and have about 1/4 of the number I need – pray for me. 🙂 

In addition to the 10 Questions for students, there will be one question specifically for parents, something like: “How can I best guide and support my child in their decision to pursue a career in the arts?” For that one, I’ll get responses from parents of working artists. That will happen last.

I’m sure this will change a lot, and I’d love any feedback on what I have so far. Feel free to comment below or email me at 

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