My professional work focuses on community development through arts entrepreneurship, leadership, advocacy, and education. I’m also interested in urban planning and the nuances of community life, particularly as it relates to the arts, the built environment, and Christian faith. I’m also a theatre director.

Arts Entrepreneurship and Leadership Education

My interest in arts entrepreneurship goes all the way back to childhood, where one of my earliest memories is performing in a one-girl production of “Little Red Riding Hood” on my carport in Tallahassee. I was also the writer/director and box office manager. I made tickets and sold one for a nickel to a neighborhood friend, but gave the nickel back to her after the show (I guess I was always destined for non-profit theatre).

As an adult, I started several arts programs and businesses, including a family-oriented theatre company in Atlanta, the Arts Ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and a consulting/teaching ministry called Christian Arts Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Advocates (CAELA). It was in my job at Redeemer where God ignited a passion in me for helping artists to thrive – professionally, creatively, and spiritually – through helping them to acquire the skills they needed to navigate the marketplace.

I’ve studied arts entrepreneurship, policy, and leadership, at NYU, Columbia, Lincoln Center, and National Arts Strategies. I’m a member of the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education.


I have a BFA in acting from Baylor an MFA in directing from University of Tennessee—Knoxville. I directed professionally in Atlanta for a dozen years, including founding and running a theatre for family audiences. While living in New York City, I was focusing on arts ministry, leadership, and entrepreneurship; but I did manage to direct a few Equity staged readings and one fully-staged production, *mark, a solo performance of the Gospel of Mark, presented by Magis Theatre Company at world-renowned LaMama experimental theatre company. Read more about my upcoming directing projects and background.


Chuck and I relocated to Waco in July of 2016 after 14 years living in New York City, where I was served as a staff member and instructor for the Baylor in New York program after leaving the Redeemer staff.

I’ve recently started a new project, InSite Waco, to bring performing and visual artists to locations around the city. I’m a part-time staff member at Creative Waco, our local arts agency, focusing on artist networking and professional development. I’m the part-time administrator for Christians in Theatre Arts, an organization I’ve been active with for many years; and Chuck and I live and work at the Good Neighbor Settlement House.

If you have any questions about me, or about anything I work on, I’d be glad to talk with you. Feel free to write me through the Contact page.



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  1. Dennis Hassell Productions said:

    Thank you for being involved in CITA. My path has kept me on the horizon of CITA since I became a script writer, but I maintain respect and fondness for the people and the threefold mission (professional, amateur, educational). For such is the KOG.


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