Gardening day


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Yesterday I got to do some things related to gardening, so it’s a good time to introduce that topic.

One of the theories I’m thinking through in my life and work here is that artists serve the community in ways that are unique to being artists, in addition to producing and presenting their creative work. So one of my goals when I got here was to get involved in as many different community groups as I could. Of course it would need to be something I was passionate about, because to really invest deeply I’d need to want to be there.

I decided to take “grassroots” very literally.

You may know that I had a plot in a community garden for the last two years I was in NYC, and it was a great source of joy (and sanity) for me. But it was 45 minutes door-to-dirt, between a walk to the bus stop, then a bus, then more walking to the plot.

Community garden plotSo one of the things I was adamant about when looking for housing in Texas was space to garden – and being able to walk out my front door to get to my plants.

Be careful what you wish for. Continue reading

How do you eat an elephant?


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One bite at a time.

Yes, it really has been almost exactly a year since Chuck and I made a trip to Waco together, and started talking about moving here. And it’s been seven months since we arrived. For about that long I’ve been saying “I really need to write a blog update” and the more I put it off, the harder it became to write. How was I going to capture everything that’s happened in a blog post that wasn’t excruciatingly long?

I attended a webinar last night on digital tools for artists – websites, blogs, enewsletters – and I had the epiphany that I just needed to start, and write a little at a time. I’ll try to tag everything well so that you can just read the ones you’re actually interested in. I’m planning on making it sort of a “what I did today” journal + background, and that ought to hit everything eventually.

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11 years ago today…


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wedding_street…I put on this dress and married the guitar player I stayed in New York for.

I’d moved here two years earlier to spend eight months studying the Meisner Technique, a method of actor training that I planned to take back to Atlanta and teach. But I fell in love at first sight with my boss’ brother and, well, so much for that plan.

We got married in an Italian restaurant in Times Square on a Saturday afternoon, surrounded by old friends, new friends, and family members.

Some years passed. I worked a few different jobs; Chuck played gigs and taught lessons.

Then the day came that I asked him to leave New York for me. Continue reading

“The Art School of the Future”



Ruby Lerner, founder of the arts funding organization Creative Capital, has written a terrific post called “The Art School of the Future” on Creativz, my new favorite arts blog. I encourage you to read the whole post, but here’s a highlight:

“If I were designing The Art School of the Future, I would integrate art theory, practice and technical training with a professional development curriculum. This would start with strategic planning, goal setting, work/life balance, and time management. The Art School of the Future would also teach financial literacy, encouraging young artists to build good financial habits early in their lives and careers. And we would spend a LOT of time on communications — verbal communications, presentation skills, negotiating, marketing, outreach and PR. We would teach artists community engagement skills — how to reach the audiences they most want to reach, and who to partner with to make that happen. We would teach strategies for working collaboratively with other artists. Continue reading