11 years ago today…

wedding_street…I put on this dress and married the guitar player I stayed in New York for.

I’d moved here two years earlier to spend eight months studying the Meisner Technique, a method of actor training that I planned to take back to Atlanta and teach. But I fell in love at first sight with my boss’ brother and, well, so much for that plan.

We got married in an Italian restaurant in Times Square on a Saturday afternoon, surrounded by old friends, new friends, and family members.

Some years passed. I worked a few different jobs; Chuck played gigs and taught lessons.

Then the day came that I asked him to leave New York for me.

I longed to spend more time on the things I’m passionate about, but I couldn’t do it while working full-time to afford the cost of life here. Chuck was open to trying the music scene somewhere else and, after looking at a few options, we settled on my third home.

Waco, Texas. Wack-oh. The Buckle of the Bible Belt.

After Atlanta and New York, Waco is the city I’ve lived in longest. I was there for four years as an undergrad at Baylor University, then three more years extending the fun I’d had in college and (more importantly) studying directing with my mentor, Pat Cook, before grad school.

I’ve been working here for Baylor’s semester-in-New York program for the past five years; and, as I started learning more about exciting things going on in the arts in Waco, it started to make sense as a destination. Plus it’s in driving distance for Chuck to Austin, “the live music capital of the world,” and Dallas/Ft. Worth, where cool stuff is happening in music, too.

Okay and I should admit that Fixer Upper played into it also. I love that show, and it reminded me just how cheap housing is in Waco. Big bonus when starting over. I like to think of Chip and Joanna as a younger, more photogenic, Chuck and Luann (only I’m the one who’s handy with power tools).

Departure date will be around July 1. I’ll post more details when we have them. And there will be a going-away cookout on our rooftop, so NYers watch for info on that. Those who know the roof pre-2015, don’t expect this view.


It’s gone. Long Island City is going up up up.

Things are coming together for my work in Waco. Click here to read about it. If you want to keep up with our move, and to hear occasionally from me about my projects, follow the blog using the link near the top.

And now here are some more wedding pictures, shot by Alicia Hansen. The song Douglas Nelson wrote for the wedding is on iTunes, “Here to Stay.”

Feel free to comment below!

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11 thoughts on “11 years ago today…”

  1. Wishing you an Chuck all the very best in this latest chapter of your journey. Thanks for your friendship over the years. Sorry I will miss saying farewell but hope to see you both on “Fixer Upper” when you buy that first home.


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